PEPS @ INET – OECD (April 2015)

We were invited by the Institute for New Economic Thinking and its youth branch the Young Scholars Initiative to present our work at their 2015 annual conference in Paris, at the OECD. This was a very intense conference, since we had 3 scheduled presentations!

peps ysi panel

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to organize a workshop and invite Dr. Sara Gorgoni (University of Greenwich ) and Dr. Alexander Teytelboym (INET & University of Oxford) to discuss how pluralistic curricula and textbooks should look like.

peps inet panel

On Saturday morning, we were conference speakers at the panel “Curriculum Reform for Activists” along a representative of Rethinking Economics and a journalist of the Financial Times to present a short version of our paper, originally published in L‘Economie politique and translated in English for The International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education and published under the tittle “The case for pluralism: what French undergraduate economics teaching is all about and how it can be improved”.

peps ysi plenary

On Saturday afternoon, for the last session, we spoke at the plenary after Lord Robert Skidelsky closing remarks.

Although, the “Teaching Economics” panel session with Marc Lavoie, Wendy Carlin, Lord Robert Skidelsky unfortunately partly overlapped with our main panel on Saturday morning, these distinguished professors all took the time to come and listen to our presentations, and Professor Lavoie even quoted us at his panel!

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