Notre premier article en anglais est disponible / Our first paper in English is out !

Voici notre premier texte en anglais, paru dans le Journal of pluralism and economics education (Vol. 5, No 4) / Here is our fist article in English, published in the Journal of pluralism and economics education (Vol. 5, No 4).

Il existe également une version courte de cet article, présentée dans le cadre d’une conférence de l’Institut pour une nouvelle pensée économique à l’OCDE. Cette dernière a été publiée sous le titre suivant : “From Terrible to Terrific Undergraduate Curricula”. Vous pouvez télécharger cette version au format PDF. / There is a very short version drafted as a conference paper for the Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference at the OECD. Last one was published with the title : “From Terrible to Terrific Undergraduate Curricula”. You can download this version in PDF format.

The case for pluralism: what French undergraduate economics teaching is all about and how it can be improved

Among the areas left largely unscathed by the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent never-ending recession, the teaching of economics ranks high. In spite of recurrent criticisms and concerns (ten years after the birth of the Post-autistic movement!), undergraduate curricula is still largely dominated by strictly technical approaches, with little effort to make contemporary economic issues accessible to economics students. Surprisingly, the crisis has not caused any changes to the teaching of economics, even though it called into question some of the core results of the dominant approach.

Lire la suite en téléchargeant la fichier PDF / Read more by downloading the PDF file

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