Roundtable dialogue on pluralism

PEPS aux côtés de Steve Keen, Victoria Chick et Julie A. Nelson (en autres) dans une table-ronde publiée dans l’IJPEE.

A lire ici : Roundtable_dialogue_on_pluralism

As students advocating for a pluralistic teaching of economics, we do not urge professors who identify themselves with the neoclassical paradigm to change their research agenda. We urge them to offer their undergraduate students the possibility to make their own theoretical and methodological choices in economics, that is to say, we want them to expose as many possible alternative approaches and methods to their students even when in contradiction with the neoclassical paradigm.

We advocate pluralism at the level of the undergraduate curriculum and following this line, heterodox economics – whatever its definition – is necessary but it is only one portion of pluralism. The presence of heterodox economics makes the curriculum pluralistic in the same way as the presence of non-heterodox economics makes the very same curriculum pluralistic.

To our knowledge there is no textbook that covers the three-fold pluralisms we advocate. Readers have probably heard of the CORE-Project, the first major institutional attempt to revamp economics textbooks. However, our chapter-by-chapter review of CORE shows that although it has been presented as such, CORE is not a pluralistic curriculum in spite of some interesting features such as its topic-oriented approach. We firmly believe that there is a strong (unmet) demand for a truly pluralistic introductory textbook and we hope that readers of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education will take up this challenge! We will be happy to get in touch with you!