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PEPS-Économie (Pour un Enseignement Pluraliste dans le Supérieur en Économie / For a Pluralistic Teaching of Economics in Higher Education) is a group of students in Economics from Bachelor to PhD unsatisfied with the teaching they were exposed to, which they deem too far from the real world, insufficiently pluralistic in terms of schools of thought, methodologies and towards other social sciences. We then created the PEPS-Économie initiative in 2010 to ask for a change in the way economics is taught on the basis of these three pluralisms. Check out our PEPS Manifesto and the presentation we gave at the PowerShift 2013 in the PEPS Worldwide section for more information !

More than 10 years ago, a student movement started in France against “autism” in economics, and spread in other countries. The Post-Autistic Economic Review (PAER), now the Real World Economic Review, was founded afterwards. The history of these movements is summarized here:

Nowadays, the crisis has shown how much things have stayed the same. We deem that the crisis is also a crisis of the discipline and its teaching: the weaknesses in the economics curricula and the way economists are educated can be considered one cause of the crisis amongst other.

We wrote several articles in newspapers and journals between 2011 and 2013. They can be found in the section Nos textes. We translated them into English, especially our survey on undergraduate teaching in France (we have reviewed more than 50 curricula !) and our proposal for a concrete alternative. For a very short version, check out our English brochure : From terrible to terrific undergraduate economics curricula and our INET conference paper. 

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